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Welcome to the website of the Developmental Science Interest Group (DIG) at the University of Toronto. The DIG brings together faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students to present and discuss research in developmental science. Our group draws members from the Toronto (St. George), Mississauga (UTM), and Scarborough (UTSC) campuses, including the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), and across many disciplines (e.g., psychology, biology, social work, medicine, education, public health). Our meetings consist of special guest talks, research and methodological presentations, and/or data blitzes. Ultimately, we aim to advance the state of research in human development by promoting the exchange of ideas and knowledge about developmental science from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Baby, Illustration by Macarena Toro
4 year old girl, Illustration by Macarena Toro
9 year old boy, Illustration by Macarena Toro
15 year old youth, Illustrtion by Macarena Toro