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FALL 2015 - WINTER 2017


 September 22nd

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Lili Ma (Ryerson University)

“Early Social Understanding Based on Patterns of Evidence”


 October 20th

Post-Doc Talks

Ju-Hyun Song (Tina Malti’s Post-Doc)

Laura Cirelli (Sandra Trehub’s Post-Doc)


 November 10th

Post-Doc Talks

Angelina Paolozza (Mark Schmuckler’s Post-Doc)

Helen Buckler (Elizabeth Johnson’s Post-Doc)


 December 1st

Guest Speaker:

Ellen Bialystok (York University)


 January 19th

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Amy Finn (UofT)


 February 16th

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Meng-Chuan Lai (CAMH)


 March 16th

Graduate Student Data Blitz

(Presenters TBD)


 April 13th

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Anthony Volk (Brock University)





 Jan. 19th, 26th

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Allison Flemming

“The psychobiology of mothering”


 March 22th

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Debra Lean

“School-based Mental Health Interventions:
A Framework for Planning, Delivering, Evaluating and Sustaining Integrated Services”


 April 19th

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Marieke Van Heugten

“The flexibility of early language processing”



FALL 2015


 September 24th

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Doug VanderLaan

“Gender Dysphoria and Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children”


 October 15th

Data Blitz Presentations:

Joanna Dudek “Understanding the role of social cognition in parenting”

Xiaopan Ding “Theory of mind training causes honest young children to lie’”

Sarah Zanette “Automated decoding of facial expressions during children’s lie-telling”

Tanya Danyliuk “Domains of socialization and adolescent internalization of prosocial values”

Nicole Larson “Do animal characters in story picture-books teach children about social norms?”


 October 29th

Data Blitz Presentations:

David O’Neill

Vaunam Venkadasalam

Mark Wade

Heather Prime

Rebecca Judges

Emma Tecwyn


 November 12th

Postdoc/Grad Student Talks

Anouk van Dijk

Gabriel Xiao

Angela Nyhout


 December 3th

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Melanie Killen

“Children’s Understanding of Fairness in the Context of Social Exclusion and Resource Allocation”



WINTER 2014-2015


 January 22nd

Guest Speaker:

Ariel Knafo, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

“Gene-environment correlations in child development”


 February 5th

Student Talks


 March 5th

Guest Speaker

Dr. Stephanie Denison, University of Waterloo

“The origins of inductive inference in infancy”


 April 9th

Guest Speaker:

Ken Rotenberg, Keele University

“Children's trust in health professionals”



FALL 2014


 October 2nd

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Andreas Beelmann, Friedrich Schiller University Jena

“Developmental prevention of prejudice and the promotion of intergroup relation”


 November  6th

Post-doc talks:

Dr. Ryan Stevenson

“Perceptual binding in children with and without autism spectrum disorders”

Dr. Antonio Zuffiano

“Discrepancies between mother- and teacher- ratings of children's sympathy: Longitudinal associations with children's psychological problems”


 December  4th

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Daphna Buchsbaum, University of Toronto

“How do you know that? Learning from social informants”



WINTER 2013-2014


 January 30th

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Aylin Kuntay, Koc University, Istanbul

“Interactive goals, feedback, and training influence children's referential communication skills”


 February 13th

Method Blitz


 February 27th

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Tobias Krettenauer, Wilfrid Laurier University

“Moving beyond the ‘happy victimizer‐phenomenon’: Moral emotion expectancies and the development of moral motivation”


 March 13th

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Daphne Maurer, McMaster University

“Synaesthesia: What it teaches us about development”


 March 27th

Student presentations:

Dr. Helen Buckler, TBD



 April  10th

Guest Speaker:

Dr. David Day, Ryerson University

Is a moped more like a bicycle or a motorcycle?: A comparison of developmental risk factors among subtypes of offender



FALL 2013


 September 19th

Meet and Greet


 October  3rd

Data Blitz:

Ruth Lee “Updating mental representations from inferences”

Dena Krieger “Perception of accented speech in the 2nd year of life”

Mathieu Saindon “Role of pitch in yes/no questions”

Nicole Arnold “Parenting domains and prosocial behaviour”

MelissaPaquette-Smith “Linguistic and social development in infancy”

Lixian Cui “The development of emotion regulation”


 October  17th

Discussion of articles:

Pluess & Belsky 2013 "Vantage Sensitivity: Individual Differences in
response to positive experiences"

Ellis & Boyce 2008 "Biological sensitivity to context"


 November 14th

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Falk Heuttig, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Netherlands

“Reading ability predicts anticipatory language processing in children, low literate adults, and adults with Dyslexia”

Dr. Xiaoqing Gao, Centre for Vision Research, York University and OSIE

“Learning statistical regularities in faces”


 December 5th

Doctoral Thesis presentations:

Nicole Arnold “Developing Prosocial Reasoning”

Julia Vinik "Children's acquisition of values within the family: Domains of socialization assessed with autobiographical narratives"


Methodology/Data Blitz Talks:

Tyler Colasante - physiological measurement using BioPac's MP150 Consol and data on “Moral Emotions and Antisocial Behaviour”

Sebastian Dys - automated emotional facial expression analysis using Noldus's FaceReader and data on “Spontaneous and Self-Reported Emotions in Response to Moral Transgressions”




15 year old youth, Illustration by Macarena Toro