AVP New List Request Form

The AVP provides one list of 20 eligible participants at a time. Generally, a study can have no more than one list out at any given time. All lists must be returned within one month of when they were received, unless you have contacted the Pool Coordinator directly and received permission to hold on to a list for a longer period.

Note that the AVP database is not comprehensive which means that not all participants will have inputted data for any one field. You may request additional criteria that is not listed below, but be aware that it is not always possible to exclude/include participants based on specific requests.

Contact Information
Lab Location:
Researcher's Name
Researcher's Position
Lab Phone:
Researcher's Email:
Fill out this section if you are requesting a list for a study that has previously been assigned an AVP study number.
What is your study's number:
Will you be using the same criteria as the most recent list?
Study Criteria
Study name:
Length of experiment:  (e.g., 1 hr, two 2 hr sessions)
# of participants:
Area of study:
Age range:  (e.g., 60-80)
English as native language:
If you answered No to the above, what is the maximum age of learning English?  (e.g., < 5, <= 10)
English fluency:
Minimum years of education completed:  (e.g., > 9)
Vision criteria:  (e.g., no glasses, no cataracts)
Hearing criteria:  (e.g., hearing aid OK)
Neurological history criteria:  (e.g., LOC, traumatic head injury exclusion)
Medical history/medications:  (e.g., psychological illness exclusion)
Study exclusions:
Other criteria:


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