PSY290: Introduction to Physiological Psychology

Summer 2003

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Caroline Ko

Franca Placenza



Ramsay Wright, room 308

Ramsay Wright, room 306



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Office Hours: By appointment





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Sarah Harrison

Office Hours: Sidney Smith, room 504

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June 23 2-4 PM



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v     LECTURE 1 (C. Ko): Introduction; Neuroanatomy

(Includes lecture slides as presented in class with notes and comments.)

(General outline of the lecture; supplementary figures and tables can be accessed

by clicking highlighted text within the file.)


v     LECTURE 2 (F. Placenza): Neural Transmission

LECTURE 2 AMMENDMENT Posted May 20, 2003


v     LECTURE 3 (F. Placenza): Psychopharmacology


v     LECTURE 4 (F. Placenza): Psychopharmacology; Hormones


v     LECTURE 5 (F. Placenza): Reproductive Behavior

N.B. Part I of Lecture 5 (Gonadal Hormones) will be on Test 1. 


v     LECTURE 6 (C. Ko): Biological Rhythms and Sleep

o       Supp Table 9.1 from slide #19 Posted June 11, 2003


v     LECTURE 7 (C. Ko): Learning and Memory: Biological Organization


v     LECTURE 8 (C. Ko): Learning and Memory: Neural Mechanisms

(Pay particular attention to LTP slides. There are additional slides and notes.)


v     LECTURE 9 (C. Ko): Learning and Memory: Neural Mechanisms


v     LECTURE 10 (F. Placenza): Emotions/Mental Disorders


v     LECTURE 11 (F. Placenza): Mental Disorders/Drug Addiction

o        Fig Relapse Circuit