David Goldstein, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology



Department of Psychology

University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario M5S 3G3







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PSY 430S

The Psychology of Exceptional Performance: Creativity, Genius, and Expertise


This Seminar examines various ways of describing and understanding exceptional human performance. The implications of exceptionality for the psychological, sociological, and historical understanding of human behaviour are explored and students read from a wide variety of sources.�� The tentative syllabus for the Spring 2010 semester is here.



PSY 330F


PSY 330 Homepage.htm


This third-year psychology course examines the full range of psychological testing, with a special emphasis on tests of intelligence and personality. The textbook for this course is: Psychological Testing : A Practical Introduction (2nd edition), by T.P. Hogan. The course syllabus for the Fall 2009 semester is here.