BioSemi ActiveTwo EEG System

The ActiveTwo system sets new standards for multi channel, high resolution biopotential measurement systems. A comfortable cap holds 64 electrodes which record at 24-bit resolution with user-selected sample rates from 2 to 16 kHz/channel. The cap requires a minimum of preparation to be ready for use and uses conductive gel on the scalp so no skin preparation is required, and the system includes an auto-shutdown of power to the electrodes for complete safety.


Screen Stereoscope

The screen mounted ASC Steroscope provides a separete image to each eye, allowing for presentation of different stimuli to each visual field. When these images are incompatible, the observer’s conscious percept will oscillate between the two images, even while the physical stimulation remains constant. The Ferber lab employs stereoscopes in studies using binocular rivalry and continuous flash suppression to study conscious and unconscious visual perception.

Eye Tracker System

The EyeLink II is a head mounted binocular eye tracking device with dual image processing modes of pupil only, 500 Hz sampling, or pupil-CR, 250 hz sampling. The ddesign makes this high end system extremely versatile with integrated head movement compensation and an optional scene camera option. We currently have both desk and head mounted eyetracker systems in the lab.

Optotrak System

The Optotrak 3020 is a powerful, highly accurate 3D motion and position measurement system. Renowned for its flexibility and reliability, the Optotrak 3020 tracks both markers and rigid bodies with RMS accuracy to 0.1mm and resolution to 0.01mm. The system tracks full body, hands and face and up to 256 markers.

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