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Dimitrov, M., Nakic, M., Elpern-Waxman, J., Granetz, J., O'Grady, J., Phipps, M., Milne, E., Logan, G. D., Hasher, L., & Grafmon, J. (2003). Inhibitory attentional control in patients with frontal lobe damage. Brain and Cognition, 52, 258-270.


The performance of a group of frontal lobe lesion and a group of frontal lobe dementia patients was compared with the performance of their respective matched normal control groups on two tests of inhibitory attentional control-the stop-signal reaction time task and a negative priming task. Both patient groups responded significantly slower than their respective normal control groups, but they showed only marginally significant selective impairments on the measures of inhibition. The data suggest that the specific inhibitory processes evaluated by these two tests are, in general, spared in patients with focal frontal lobe lesions or frontal lobe degeneration.

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