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Hasher, L., Zacks, R. T., Rose, K. C., & Doren, B. (1985). On mood variation and memory. Reply to Isen (1985), Ellis (1985), and Mayer and Bower (1985). Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 114, 404-409.


In this reply we address a number of issues concerning two recently reported findings regarding the performance of mildly depressed college students compared with their nondepressed controls: (a) depressed students showed no overall deficit in recall performance and (b) depressed students failed to show selective recall for mood-congruent (negative) events in a story (Hasher, Rose, Zacks, Sanft, and Doren, 1985). These issues include areas of agreement among the commentaries and our article and interesting empirical questions raised in the commentaries. We address a number of methodological criticisms. We also report new evidence suggesting that the Beck Depression Inventory is not a mild mood-induction procedure.

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