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Yoon, C., Hasher, L., Feinberg, F., Rahhal, T. A., & Winocur, G. (2000). Cross-cultural differences in memory: The role of culture-based stereotypes about aging. Psychology and Aging, 15, 694-704.


The contribution of cultural sterotypes about aging to age differences in memory was investigated by comparing younger and older Anglophone-Canadians to demographically-matched Chinese-Canadians. Four memory tests and an assessment of views about aging were administered. Chinese-Canadians held more positive views than did Anglophone-Canadians. Despite this and in contrast Levy and Langer's (1994) findings, younger adults in both cultural groups outperformed their older comparison group on all memory tasks. On two of the four memory tests the older Chinese-Canadians outperformed the older Anglophone-Canadians, potentially because of expertise connected to the Chinese writing system. On two other tests, the older Chinese-Canadians did not differ from their Anglophone-Canadians age mates. The findings are not easily attributed to a simple culturally-based account of age differences in memory performance.

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