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Shira[1].JPGShira Zimerman

Visiting Graduate Student

Rotman Research Institute

Baycrest Center

3560 Bathurst Street

Toronto, ON M6A 2E1

Phone: (416) 785-2500 ext.3437


I grew up in Israel and completed a double major B.Sc. in psychology and biology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. As an undergraduate student I started working in Ran Hassinís lab, and became interested in unconscious mechanisms that underlie social behaviour, particularly in the nature of non-conscious goal pursuit.

During my masters studies in the clinical neuropsychology program at the Hebrew University, I became interested in cognitive aging and specifically in Dr. Hasher's work regarding the role of inhibition in aging.

I am currently pursuing a doctorate degree under the joint supervision of Dr. Ran Hassin and Dr. Anat Maril at the Hebrew University. I am the 2008-2009 recipient of the Baycrest Centre- Hebrew University exchange program, and Iím fortunate to spend this year at the Hasher Lab.

My research focuses on how non-conscious processes change across the adult lifespan and how these changes relate to brain function.

Please feel free to email me if you would like to learn more about my research.

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