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Sabrina Thai

Sabrina Thai

In general, I am interested in how people react to social comparisons, comparisons to better-off and worse-off others, in the context of romantic relationships and what impact these comparisons have on the relationship and the individual. Currently, I am exploring three different types of comparisons: (1) how people react to comparing their own relationship to other relationships, (2) how people react to comparing themselves to their romantic partner in different domains, and (3) how people react to comparing their partner to another person, especially the partners of other people.

Claire Midgley

Claire Midgley

My research focuses on social comparisons in online contexts. I am currently studying how Facebook use may be changing the frequency, direction, domain, and outcomes of social comparisons people make in their daily lives. I am also interested in social comparisons in online dating and the role of motivation and self-esteem in these and other online comparisons.

Nadia Bashir

Nadia Bashir

I am interested in how individuals' thoughts and attitudes influence a variety of behaviours, including pro-environmental behaviour. Under the supervision of Dr. Lockwood and Dr. Alison Chasteen, I am currently examining the extent to which individuals can be motivated to engage in environmentally-responsible behaviour.

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Laksmiina (Miina) Balasubramaniam

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