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How do long-term memories exist in a physiological network of cells?

Our lab is in Psychology Department at University of Toronto.

We study physiological mechanisms underlying memory and their disrutption in memory disorders. Read more.

Kaori Takehara-Nishiuchi, Ph. D.
SSH4007 100 St. George st, Toronto ON M5S 3G3 Canada

06.01.14 A warm welcome to Julien, who just joined our lab!
05.01.14 A warm welcome to Bardia, who just joined our lab!
04.30.14 Dr. Takehara received the MEDI Early Researcher Award!
04.20.14 Congratulations to Stephanie who was awared the CIHR Doctoral Research Award!
03.24.14 A new review on the entorhinal funcion in memory consolidation is published in Neuroscience Research. Please see  "Research" for more details.
03.07.14 Mark was awarded the FENS-IBRO grant to atten FENS Forum. Congratulations!