Graduate Courses

Psychology course schedules

*Please note that Winter 2021 session courses in Psychology will begin on Monday, January 11. As per the SGS Sessional Dates, the final date to add Winter session courses will continue to be Monday, January 18, but the final date to drop Winter session courses has been moved to Monday, March 1.

Course enrolment for students outside Psychology

Students registered in other graduate programs at the University of Toronto may enrol in Psychology graduate courses if there is room in course and if their home unit approves their enrolment. Students outside Psychology may enrol in our content courses, PSY1200, PSY1210 and all PSY5000-level courses, but may not enrol in our required courses, PSY2001, PSY2002, and PSY3001. Please note that we do not require SGS' Add/Drop Course form. If your home unit requires SGS' Add/Drop Course form, please have the student and instructor sections completed before sending it to the Graduate Administrator for approval and signature.

Please follow these instructions for enrolment in both Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 courses:

  1. Students should obtain permission to enrol from the instructor of the course.
  2. Students should send a copy of this email approval to Jennifer McCallum, Graduate Administrator, at
  3. Students should add the course on Acorn as of the first day of classes (Tuesday, September 8). If students add the course before this date, they will be removed from the course.
  4. Students should have their home unit approve their enrolment in the course (if the enrolment status is 'REQ' on Acorn, the home unit needs to approve the enrolment).
  5. After the home unit approves the enrolment, the enrolment status will be 'INT' on Acorn. Psychology will then approve the enrolment in the course.


Auditing policy

Prospective auditors are advised to first obtain the approval of the instructor. If permission is granted, auditors are not allowed to submit any assignments for grading, however, auditors are expected to contribute to course discussions. In some cases, there may not be enough space in the classroom to accommodate auditors. Where classroom size is an issue, unfortunately instructors cannot take auditors.  We do not provide any documentation of attendance for auditors.


Cognate department course offerings