TA Excellence Award

The TA Excellence Award recognizes outstanding teaching assistants and their superior work in the previous year. Up to two awards will be offered per year. Recipients of the TA Excellence Award will receive a certificate of recognition and $250. Their names will also be engraved on a plaque in the Psychology Lounge.

*Information about the nominations for the TA Excellence Award will be posted each Fall.

Up  to  two  awards  will  be  offered  per  year.  Nominations  will  occur  in  the  Fall  and  the announcement  of  award  recipient(s) will  typically  be made in December  at  the annual department  holiday  dinner. Due to COVID,  we  will  announce  award  recipients  over  email. Recipients of the TA Excellence Award will receive a certificate of recognition and $250.

The Department of Psychology is pleased to announce the call for this year’s outstanding TA award for our best teaching assistant nominated for excellent work in the previous academic year.

Deadline for this year is December 17, 2021

Who is eligible?

Teaching  Assistants  (CUPE  3902  Unit  1)  who  have  been  assigned  to  a  St.  George  Campus Undergraduate Psychology course in Fall 2020, Winter 2021, or Summer 2021 terms are eligible for this award.

Who should submit the nomination form?

The Department will select from candidates that are nominated.  It will accept nominations from the following two groups:

•    Student nominations: Students in a particular course may nominate a teaching assistant for the award. They will be encouraged to provide supporting documentation, such as comments  from numerous  students  on  the  qualities  and  excellent  work  of  their  TA, samples of written feedback they have received on course work, etc.

•    Course instructor nominations: Course instructors may nominate a Teaching Assistant based  on comments received from students, evidence of  excellent work, or direct observation of the TA’s performance. Nominations should include details of performance and preferably with supporting documentation (some evidence from students required – this might be emails the instructor has received from students about this TA, comments about the TA from informal mid-course surveys or end-of-semester course evaluations, etc.).

After nominations have been received, the TA will be notified and invited to submit a brief (< 200 words)  statement  highlighting  their  contributions  to  the  course,  as  well  as  any additional supporting  documentation  they  would  like  to  provide  (e.g.,  emails they have received from students).

The Selection Committee may include the Undergraduate Chair, two volunteer faculty members (including at least one member of the teaching stream faculty), and the previous TA Excellence Award winner (if available/applicable).

The Selection Committee will make their decision based upon the following criteria:

•    Nominators:  For student nominations, is there instructor support?   For  instructor nominations, is there student support?

•    Communication with Students:  was the TA responsive  to  student  questions,  able to answer them in a way that enhanced understanding?

•    Communication with Instructor(s): was the TA responsive to instructor emails, requests, etc. (in essence, did the TA make the life of the instructor easier?)

•    Enthusiasm: was the TA enthusiastic about the course material/assignments? Did they inspire excitement or curiosity about the subject matter?

•    Knowledge: was the TA knowledgeable about the course subject matter? If the course fell  outside  the  TAs  particular  area  of  expertise,  did  they  take  steps  to  enhance  their understanding of the material?

•    Grading:  did  the  TA  mark  in  a  fair,  consistent,  prompt  manner  and  give  solid  andappropriate feedback to the students?

•    Other: did the TA display any other characteristics that enhanced the learning experience of students and/or the teaching experience of the instructor? Did the TA augment the course through innovative ideas or pedagogical development? Was the TA responsive to Psychology staff requests?


Alexander Jacob, PSY 369H (Psychobiology Laboratory)

Mia Radovanovic, PSY 319H/PSY 210H (Developmental Laboratory/ Introduction to Developmental Psychology)


Bryan Hong, PSY 201H/202H (Statistics I and Statistics II)

Emily Schwartzman, PSY 321 (Cultural Psychology)


Bethany Lassetter, PSY 320H (Social Psychology: Attitudes)


Claudia Damiano for her work in PSY280H (Introduction to Perception)

Ragnheidur Thora Bjornsdottir, PSY329H (Social Psychology Lab)