University of Toronto Summer Psychology Research Initiative (SPRINT)

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The University of Toronto Summer Psychology Research Initiative (SPRINT) is a summer program for high school students to learn about a broad range of psychology topics and gain research experience. Participants will have the opportunity to work directly with graduate student mentors who will provide feedback on research proposals and offer insight into the various fields of psychology research. 

UofT SPRINT is an intensive 10-day program that runs from July 18, 2022 - July 29, 2022. UofT SPRINT is free for all interested students—however, please be mindful of the time commitment of the program. This year, UofT SPRINT will be held in person at the University of Toronto St. George campus, but this may change to a virtual delivery platform in response to changing COVID-19 regulations.

Registration for SPRINT 2022 is OPEN NOW until April 4th, 2022:


Please see below for more information on the eligibility criteria & applicant selection process.
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Who is eligible for SPRINT?

All Ontario high school students are eligible to participate. SPRINT was created as an anti-racist initiative to support BIPOC students, with a focus on countering anti-Black racism and colonialism. Therefore, applications from high school students who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour will be prioritized during the selection process. Please see below for more information on the selection process. 

Application Selection Process

Successful applicants will be chosen using the following 4-step selection process outlined below: 
Application Selection Process

Graphic text:

  1. Eligibility Screening
    • Only applications from Ontario high school students (from Grades 9-12) will be considered
  2. Application Review Process
    • Applications will be ranked in the following order of priority:
      1. The student is in Grade 11 or 12
      2. The student identifies as Indigenous
      3. The student identifies as Black
      4. The student identifies as another visible minority (not listed above)
  3. Lottery Selection of High-Ranking Applications
    • A random lottery will be used to select the 40 spots from among the applications, stratified by priority groups (ranked in the application review process)
  4. Selection Meeting
    • The selected applicant will meet with the SPRINT organizers to discuss the program expectations


Why are some identities prioritized in the selection process?

SPRINT was launched as an anti-racist initiative to provide BIPOC high school students with access to psychological research experience. We seek to center Black and Indigenous students, which is well-aligned with the recommendations of the University of Toronto Anti-Black Racism Task Force and the Steering Committee for University of Toronto Response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. The legal framework that allows for certain identities to be prioritized in diversity initiatives has been summarized by the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

We had to prioritize Ontario students because the program will be held at the University of Toronto campus located in downtown Toronto. Furthermore, 11th- and 12th-grade applicants will be prioritized to ensure students who cannot apply to the program again in the following years are given priority to attend this year.   

What topics will you learn?

Throughout the two week program, you will receive lectures, tutorials, and panels from UofT researchers and specialists on topics related to psychological research and experimental design, including but not limited to:
●    Psychological specialties of research (e.g., Social, Cognitive, Developmental, Clinical, Neuroscience, Animal Behaviour)
●    Experimental Methods, Coding, and Statistical Analyses
●    Writing and Communication 
●    Careers in Psychology and Applying to UofT 
●    Open Science and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Science

Check out the research projects from our amazing students in SPRINT 2021! 

Slide Deck Title Card: The Art of ManipulationSlide Deck Title Card: Gender and Age Differences in Social Media Perception in ChildrenSlide Deck Title Card: Parenting Styles' Effects on a Child's Perceived Competence Under Stress of Parental PressureSlide Deck Title Card: Scanning for Answers: SES on the Adult Brain and StressSlide Deck Title Card: The Efficacy of Contingency Management on the Treatment of Bulimia Nervosa

Interested in volunteering for SPRINT?

SPRINT is always in need of volunteers with various levels of expertise (e.g., undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral researchers). Please fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering and we will get back to you soon: