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Administrative Positions

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Faculty Positions

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Casual Positions

There are currently no casual employment opportunities available at the department.


CUPE 3902 Unit 1 Positions (Teaching Assistants and Course Instructors)

Course Instructors (Summer 2024)

PSY 201H1F - Statistics I

PSY 240H1F - Introduction to Psychpathology and Clinial Science

PSY 319H1F - Developmental Laboratory

PSY 201H1S - Statistics I (Online - Asynchronous)

PSY 202H1S - Statistics II

PSY 203H1S - Psychological Research

PSY 210H1S - Introduction to Developmental Psychology

PSY 260H1S - Introduction to Learning and Plasticity

PSY 336H1S - Positive Psychology

PSY 342H1S - Cognition and Psychopathology

PSY 372H1S - Human Memory

PSY 420H1S - Social Psychology Seminar (subtopic TBD)

PSY 424H1S - Social Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships

PSY 493H1S - Cognitive Neuroscience

Teaching Assistants (Fall/Winter 2024/25)

To be posted


CUPE 3902 Unit 3 Sessional Lecturer Positions (Fall/Winter 2024-25)



CUPE 3902 Unit 5 Positions (Post-Doctoral Fellows)

Positions on Other Campuses

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