First-Year Students


Welcome to all first-year students and to students enrolled in PSY100H1 - Introductory Psychology.

The University of Toronto is a big place and can sometimes be overwhelming for students new to the campus and, perhaps, to the City of Toronto. Below is some information designed to assist you during your first year at the St. George campus and/or your first year pursuing studies in Psychology.

For information on our PSY100H1 classes, please email the undergraduate office at

Information on enroling into courses can be found on the Course Timetables section of the Arts & Science website.


Program enrolment usualy begins around March 1st and ends in late September of each year. There are two types of programs - Open and Limited.

The Psychology Minor, Major, Specialist, and Research Specialist programs are Limited Subject POSts, which means that certain requirements must be met for admittance to the program and there is limited space (i.e., we cannot admit every applicant who meets/exceeds the minimum admission requirements).

For Limited programs, there are two rounds of enrolment.

  • The first round of enrolment runs from approximately March 1st to April 30th, with invitations issued by no later than the first week in June.
  • The second round runs from approximately July 10th to August 24th, with invitations issued by mid-September.

For information on how to enrol in the program(s) of your choice, visit the Arts & Science Program Toolkit website. For detailed information on the programs of study offered by the Psychology Department, visit the Psychology Program Requirements page.

Arts & Science offers first-year students the opportunity to take small seminar classes where they can participate actively in academic discussions. These courses help to develop strong written, oral, and teamwork skills. More information on these courses is available at the First-Year Foundation Seminars webpage.

The Ones Programs are offered at all colleges on the St. George campus and provide first-year students with an extraordinary opportunity to explore their interests and engage with community. Ones programs typically combine one or more theme-based courses with co-curricular events (e.g., guest lectures) and experiential learning opportunities. For details visit the First-Year Foundations Ones Programs webpage. 

The First-Year Learning Communities Program (FLC - pronounced “flick”) provides first-year students with the opportunity to meet classmates, grow friendships, form study groups, and develop academic and personal skills. A FLC is a small group of students in the same area of study, who will be enrolled in some of the same core courses, and will meet regularly outside of class time for useful and fun activities. For more information about FLC and how to join, go to the First-Year Learning Communities webpage.

The ROP provides second- and third-year students with the opportunity to work closely with a professor on a research project. This work counts as a full-year credit course (299Y and 399Y), with some half-course credit projects available. The Psychology Department offers a number of ROPs that are administered through the ROP Office within the Faculty of Arts & Science. For complete information on how to apply and the qualifications/restrictions for applying, please visit