Data Blitz

When and Where

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 2:40 pm


Yaelan Jung (Bernhardt-Walther Lab): Neural representations of scene categories in prefrontal cortex transcend sensory modalities
Kevin Himberger (Honey Lab): Computational modeling of visually learned temporal sequences in a cortical circuit
Emma Tecwyn (D. Buchsbaum Lab): Probabilistic inference in capuchin monkeys
Marta Wnuczko (Niemeier Lab): Why did it take so long before Brunelleschi's discovery?
Veronica Yuk (Taylor Lab): Timing and location of brain areas involved in cognitive theory of mind in children with autism spectrum disorder
Celia Fidalgo (Barense Lab): Source memory deficits and associated with aging and impaired cognitive status
Fahad Ahmad (B. Buchsbaum Lab): An eye-tracking study of pattern separation in recognition memory