Amanda Sharples

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
SS 4052


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Pedagogy of Wisdom
  • Intergroup Relations and Social Attitudes
  • Interparental Conflict and Parental Alienating Behaviours


Amanda Sharples is an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream in the Psychology Department at the University of Toronto. She completed her undergraduate degree at York University and her PhD at the University of Toronto with Dr. Elizabeth Page-Gould. Dr. Sharples teaches across a wide variety of subjects including quantitative methods, research methods, field methods, data management, measurement, cultural psychology, and social and personality psychology. Her research interests are diverse but centered around conflict at individual, interpersonal, and intergroup levels. Currently, she is developing and studying pedagogical tools to cultivate wisdom, a psychological construct that may help individuals better navigate social and interpersonal conflicts. Dr. Sharples recently received an Instructional Resource Grant from the Society for the Teaching of Psychology to continue to develop and study these pedagogical tools. She has also conducted research with undergraduate students examining how conflicting cultural identities may impact student well-being and academic outcomes. Finally, she is conducting a line of research focused on interparental conflict and abusive behaviours following separation or divorce with the goal of better understanding how to identify these behaviours and how they may impact children.