Andreea Oliviana Diaconescu

Assistant Professor
Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 250 College Street, Toronto ON M5T 1R8
(416) 535-8501


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

computational neuroscience, mathematical modelling, cognition, delusions, functional neuroimaging, electroencephalography


Dr. Andreea Diaconescu is a cognitive and computational neuroscientist, with particular interest in mathematical modelling of maladaptive behaviour and whole-brain dysconnectivity in psychiatric populations. At the Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics (CAMH) she leads the “Cognitive Network Modelling” team focused on developing, validating, and applying hierarchical Bayesian models that infer individual-specific disturbances of information processing from behaviour, brain imaging and electrophysiological data. Of particular interest is modelling abnormal beliefs leading to the emergence of delusions in psychosis and suicidal thoughts and behaviours in psychoaffective disorders.

Dr. Diaconescu has trained in a diverse set of environments and specialties since receiving her bachelors of psychology with honors from York University in 2005. Under the supervision of Prof. Randy McIntosh at the Rotman Research Institute, she completed her PhD in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Toronto. Dr. Diaconescu has then worked as a postdoctoral scientist in Zurich at the Translational Neuromodelling Unit (University of Zurich and ETH Zurich), and as a junior group leader in Basel at the University Psychiatric Hospital (University of Basel).