Scholarships & Awards

There are several miscellaneous in-course scholarships for which undergraduate students may be eligible.  Except for the following three scholarships, students should be advised that there are no application procedures.  Students will be awarded based on their eligibility under each scholarship's criteria.  Please note that only St. George campus students are eligible for these awards.  Students can also access Awards Explorer through or via ACORN.  Awards Explorer is a centralized, searchable database of awards available the University of Toronto.  Future and current undergraduate and graduate students can easily look for awards in one location using a combination of keyword searches and filters, including award type/faculty/college, citizenship and more.    

Year: Any

Value: Varies from year to year (amount could be split up between multiple awardees)

Description: Awarded on the basis of academic merit to Psychology program students undertaking research initiatives in the Department of Psychology at the St. George Campus (not open to UTM/UTSC students).  Financial need may also be considered.

Application Procedures: Fill out the required application form and submit it along with a PDF formatted copy of your academic history from ACORN to the Undergraduate Administrator by August 31st of each year via email it to  

This award value varies from year to year and can be split up between multiple awardees.  Students must qualify for OSAP, be in a St. George PSY Major or Specialist program, and have a CGPA of at least 3.0 or higher.  Click here to download the application form.  This application is due on August 31st of each year.  Please email applications to the Undergraduate Administrator along with a PDF formatted copy of your ACORN academic history to psy.undergrad@utoronto.caNote: Award not open to UTM/UTSC students. 

This award will go to a graduating student (June 2020 or November 2020) in the St. George PSY Specialist or Major programs or the Research Specialist who enrols in an approved graduate program in Psychology at the University of Torontoconcentrating in the area of problems of children.  If you will be enrolling in and starting a graduate program this fall in this particular area of study, please fill out the application form and return it by email along with proof of your enrolment and of the concentration of your studies, as well as a PDF copy of your academic history from ACORN to the Undergraduate Administrator (  Value varies from year to year in the range of $3000-4000 CDN.  Deadline: August 31st of each year.  

Note:  Award not open to UTM/UTSC students. 

Additional information on scholarships is available on the Tuition, Scholarships & Financial Aid page of the Faculty of Arts & Science website.

The Dept. of Psychology departmental deadline for NSERC USRA applications is Friday March 27th, 2020 .  Students and their supervisors apply via the NSERC website.  Applications must then be downloaded into a PDF and submitted to the Undergraduate Administrator via email to, along with the student's academic history (from ACORN) and the signed student/supervisor certificate.  Please see the following for more information, some of which will now be slightly out-of-date due to the COVID-19 situation.  Please note that we are awaiting further updates from UofT's Research Services in the event that NSERC decides to cancel or modify these awards.  Any updates we get will be posted here.

Dept. of Psychology Rules for NSERC Applications:

  • We will not accept applications from students at other universities
  • We will not accept applications from non-PSY Program students or UTM/UTSC students
  • Supervisors must only be from the approved list of Psychology faculty (see above)
  • Students must have a current minimum CGPA of 3.0 on their transcript
  • Students must be in at least second year to apply
  • We will not accept LATE applications
  • You MUST commit to the full 16-weeks of the work term (40 hours per week)


Application due date is April 7th.  Students and supervisors will apply directly to the A&S Dean's Office, rather than to the Dept. of Psychology.  Please see here for more details:

Applications should be submitted by email to:

Visit the U of T Research Services website for complete program details and materials.

**Please note that due to the uncertainty of the current situation, A&S will NOT be considering any UTEA proposals for on-campus research this year.

Linda Mamelak Undergraduate Award:  

The McNab Scholarship in Psychology:  

The Dept. of Psychology Student Award:  

The John D. Ketchum Memorial Scholarship:  

The John D. Ketchum Memorial Bursary:  

The Dr. Horace O. Frosty Steer Award:  

The George Mandler Research Fund: