Application Information

Please note that our program focuses on research and experimental psychology.

Students interested in clinical psychology at the University of Toronto should contact the Graduate Department of Psychological Clinical Science at the University of Toronto Scarborough. 

Students interested in counselling psychology and school and child clinical psychology should contact the Department of Applied Psychology & Human Development at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

Applications to the graduate program of the Department of Psychology must be submitted directly to the School of Graduate Studies through the Online Admissions Application, which will open on Monday, September 23. Applications are due December 2019 for entry September 2020. We have only one application cycle per year and do not admit students in January.

The minimum requirements for admission to the graduate program are:

  1. An appropriate four-year bachelor's degree, or its equivalent, with high academic standing from a recognized university.
  2. Normally at least an A- (or first class standing) in the final two years of undergraduate study.
  3. Competitive scores on each subtest of the general section of the Graduate Record Examination. The Psychology special test is not required.
  4. The equivalent of at least 6 full courses (e.g., 12 semester courses) in psychology, including statistics and some laboratory experience
    • Note: Students with a strong background in mathematics, physical or biological science, neuroscience, cognitive science, linguistics or computer science are especially encouraged to apply even if they have completed fewer than the suggested number of psychology courses.
  5. If your primary language is not English and you graduated from a non-Canadian university where the language of instruction is not English, then you must demonstrate your facility in English by completing one of the tests listed below. This requirement should be met at the time you submit your application.

Because the number of applicants always exceeds the number of available places, meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission. 

All programs of study are intended to lead to the doctoral degree in psychology and applicants interested only in a Masters degree should not apply. Successful applicants are admitted to a one-year M.A. program; assuming satisfactory performance, students then continue on to the Ph.D. program. Applicants with a Master’s degree from another institution may be admitted directly to the Ph.D. program; applicants to the Ph.D. program must satisfy the same minimum admission requirements listed above.

Applicants should not apply to both the M.A. and Ph.D. programs. We are able to offer applicants admission to either of these programs with one application.

Applicants will receive official notification of the outcome of their application from the School of Graduate Studies, by mail, by the end of March or early April. Successful applicants must inform the program in writing by April 15 whether they wish to accept the offer of admission and financial support. Those accepting are expected to arrive on campus no later than the first week in September.

  1. Log in to the School of Graduate Studies’ Online Admissions Application system. New applicants will need to register; returning applicants must log-in with their 12-digit applicant number and password.
  2. Provide the personal information, program of study and academic history information as requested.
  3. Be prepared to submit contact information for two references. Be sure to inform your references of the document deadline (December 5) and that the School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto, will be contacting them by email to request their reference letter.
  4. Submit your payment online. Payment is processed centrally at the School of Graduate Studies. We cannot waive application fees.
  5. Upload supporting documents:
    • Scanned copy of official transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended. We do not accept WES packages. Applicants from Canadian universities may submit screen shots of their academic record together with the legend from the student web services of their institution. Please note that although the Admissions Committee will make its decision based on your uploaded scanned transcripts, official hard copies of all transcripts may be required at a later date in the admissions process. Offers of admission will not be released until official transcripts have been received and the information on the scanned transcripts verified.
    • Current copy of your resume or CV.
    • Academic interest form, which will appear after you have submitted payment. Alternatively, you can download the form and upload in the correct section. 
    • Statement of interest describing your research interests, your interest in graduate school, and why you are specifically applying to our program. You may highlight any information you think is relevant to your application (research/training experience, work experience, long-term goals, etc.). Typical statements are between one and two pages of single-spaced text. 
  6. Write the GRE General Test and send scores to the School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto (institution code: 0982, department code: 2016). Scores should be submitted so that they are received by the document deadline of December 5.
  7. If applicable, demonstrate your facility in English by completing one of the approved tests (listed above) and submit scores.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all documents are submitted by the deadlines outlined below. It is recommended that documentation be submitted well in advance of the deadlines.

Application deadline: December 1 

Please complete the personal and academic information of the online application and submit the application fee by this date.

Document deadline: December 5 

Please supply all supporting documents by this date. This includes your official GRE scores (and English language scores, if applicable) and your two reference letters. As documents are received, they will be marked as such on the application system. After all documents are received, your application will be reviewed for admissibility. It is your responsibility to monitor the status of your documents in the online application and to follow up with your references if reference letters are not received in advance of the deadline.

The program strives to maintain financial support to all graduate students for the M.A. year and for each of the first four years of the Ph.D. program. This support is in the form of scholarships, fellowships, research assistantships and teaching assistantships. As of the 2019-2020 academic year, the minimum level of support is $20,000 plus fees and tuition. This amount, however, is conditional on continuing availability of funds, as well as satisfactory academic and research performance.

To qualify for funding students must apply to all of the sources listed below for which they are eligible. 

Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded by NSERC to provide financial support to outstanding graduate students pursuing a degree related to basic neural or cognitive psychological mechanisms. Only Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible. The doctoral (PGS D/CGS D) deadline is in early October and the master’s (CGS M) deadline is late September. The value of the PGS D award is $21,000; the value of the CGS D is $35,000; and the value of the CGS M is $17,500.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Fellowships

These scholarships are awarded by SSHRC to provide financial support to outstanding graduate students pursuing a degree related to social or developmental psychology. Only Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible. The doctoral (Doctoral/CGS D) deadline is in late October and the master’s (CGS M) deadline is late September. The value of the Doctoral award is $20,000; the value of the CGS D is $35,000; and the value of the CGS M is $17,500.

Other Scholarships and Awards 

In addition to the above, there is a wide range of financial support available in the form of scholarships and merit-based awards

Do I require transcripts from all of the post-secondary institutions I have attended? 

Yes, an official transcript is required from each post-secondary institution attended. Applicants with documentation in a language other than English must provide accompanying notarized English translations.

Can I provide more than two reference letters? 

No, the online application system permits the submission of only two reference letters. 

I have made a mistake entering my reference’s contact information. What should I do?

Please contact to request that a change be made. Please note that changes of this nature cannot be made until the applicant submits payment.

Are there reference letter forms?

No, our program does not have specific forms for references to complete. After you have confirmed your application information by moving to payment, the system will email your references and ask them to provide references. They will be asked to submit an electronic copy of the reference (in Word or PDF) after logging in to the online application through a unique link provided by the School of Graduate Studies.

How do I submit the academic interest form? 

Please submit the academic interest form online in PDF format. The document can be saved by following the “Submit” link on the document status page in the online application.

Are minimum GRE scores required?

We generally look for scores between the 60th and 65th percentiles on each section of the General GRE. We do not require the Psychology subject test, and will not consider Psychology subject test scores that are submitted. 

If I have a question about my application, who should I contact?

If you have a question about your application, please contact our Graduate Administrator at In all correspondence related to your application, please provide your 12-digit applicant number. Please note that we cannot make changes to your application until payment has been submitted.