Information About Lab and Seminar Courses

Third year labs and fourth year seminars are smaller, more work-intensive courses that focus on research in a particular area of psychology, some with advanced sub-topics to give a more specialized in-depth concentration in that field. These courses do not generally have term tests or final exams (although some may have occasional quizzes based on assigned readings), the majority of the term work is made up in oral presentations, major papers, discussion/thought papers, and extensive class participation. Labs have no more than 15 spaces available and seminars no more than 20 spaces.


The majority of our labs and seminars require advanced statistical knowledge (ie. PSY 202H), as well as an introductory course in the area of psychology that the lab/seminar focuses on [ie. PSY 329H and 420H (Social lab and seminar) require PSY 220H (Social Psychology)]. Students will not be permitted to take these courses without the proper prerequisites. To find out what prerequisites are required for each lab and seminar, please check the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar.

Enrolment and Waiting Lists

Enrolment in both labs and seminars is given priority to PSY Specialists and Research Specialists on ACORN during the first round of course enrolment. Once the priority for these students has ended (usually the last couple days of July or first couple days of August), enrolment is now open to all students who have the prerequisites. Enrolment must be done, though, through the department after the priority is lifted (requests can be made by email or in person to the Undergraduate Administrator).  During course enrolment in July, PSY Specialists and Research Specialists can choose these courses on ACORN themselves.

If the requested course is full, the student may put his/her name on a waiting list maintained by the Undergraduate Administrator (this is NOT an ACORN wait list). The waiting list begins only when the priorities have been dropped on these courses and students may request to be put on the waiting list through the department.

Waiting lists for labs and seminars, however, are not on a first-come, first-serve basis. The sequence by which students are enrolled has to do with subject POSt, year-level, prerequisites, and perhaps even your CGPA. For example, a PSY Major student might be first on the waiting list for PSY 420H1F, however, if a 4th-year PSY Specialist needs to enrol in it for program completion and graduation then the Major does not have precedence over the Specialist.  Please note that if you are already enrolled in a lab and/or seminar(s) but you want to change to a different one, those who are not enrolled in ANY will get priority over you.

To be placed on a waiting list for a lab or seminar, please send an email to the Undergraduate Administrator with the following information: your full name; your student ID #; your email address and phone number; your PSY subject POSt; your year-level; and the course you desire.  Please make sure that you have the necessary prerequisites for the course before making your request.

Once a space in your desired course becomes available and you are next in line, the Undergraduate Administrator will add this course to your timetable.  This addition may occur at any time up to and including the last date to add classes.  It is your responsibility to check on your enrolment on ACORN.

In order to drop any lab or seminar, you must request this via email to the Undergraduate Administrator.  [Note: The Undergraduate Administrator will not provide any information regarding your position on the waiting list at any time].