Ebbinghaus Empire Meeting – Wednesday, September 25- Alexa Tompary

When and Where

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 12:15 pm to 1:30 pm
Room 3130
Sidney Smith Hall, Room 3130
100 St. George Street





ebbinghaus empire meeting 

Alexa Tompary

University of Pennsylvania


Wednesday, September 25th 2019


The Consequences of Consolidation for Old and New Memories


The accumulation of our daily experiences gives rise to a rich store of knowledge. What changes do specific memories undergo as they age, and how do they become integrated with each other and with the prior knowledge that we have built up over time? My research investigates how episodic memories are transformed over the course of systems-level consolidation. I will present fMRI findings suggesting that over time, changes in the neural reinstatement of episodic memories are linked to changes in their behavioral expression. I will also describe a series of behavioral experiments that, inspired by the notion that memories may rely on multiple traces, characterize memory retrieval as a reconstruction of event-specific details and prior knowledge. Integrating these two approaches may provide a novel means to track the behavioral and neural transformations of episodic memories over time.


Room 3130 (3rd Floor), Sidney Smith Hall

100 St. George Street, Toronto

Begins promptly at 12:15 pm, ending at 1:30 pm.


For further information, please contact Aedan Li (aedanyue.li@utoronto.ca) and Michael Mack (mack@psych.utoronto.ca)



100 St. George Street