Using Behaviour to Measure Aspects of Mental Health

When and Where

Friday, April 05, 2019 12:10 pm to 2:00 pm


Dan Di Matteo
Jonathan Rose


Professor Jonathan Rose and Daniel Di Matteo, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
Topic: Using Behaviour to Measure Aspects of Mental Health
Psychology and Engineering (Psych/Eng) Seminar Series

Abstract: We will describe two on-going projects that use two different ways to observe behaviour of people as a way to infer aspects of their mental health. The first method collects behaviour passively by recording a number of things from the subjects’ smartphone: their location, screen activity, motion, ambient light and samples of the ambient sound. We will discuss our first steps towards collecting and processing this information, and correlation with several common psychiatric scales. The second method is to have subjects play a game that evokes uncertainty, and to see if the subject’s behaviour in the game correlates with their ‘Intolerance of Uncertainty’ scale.

Dan Di Matteo is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, working on these two projects. He has a Master’s degree from this department as well, and a B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science. Jonathan Rose is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering whose long-time research dealt with the architecture of programmable hardware and optimization into those devices. He has recently pivoted his research towards the automation of medicine using software technologies, including machine learning, with a specific focus on the support of mental health diagnosis and therapy. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, ACM, the Canadian Academy of Engineering, the Royal Society of Canada and a Foreign Member of the American National Academy of Engineering. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian NGO Academics without Borders since 2012, and on the Massey College Governing Board since 2011.

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