Record and replay: How a Canadian-made app is aiming to help Alzheimer’s patients improve their daily lives

March 4, 2019 by Department of Psychology

For the past four years, Psychology Associate Professor, Morgan Barense, and her research team have been developing an application to help Alzheimer patients with memory loss. In Alzheimer’s disease, damage to the brain generally starts in the hippocampus, a structure that is essential for consolidating memories. The result of the work done by Dr. Barense and her team is the Hippocamera, a phone-based app designed to mimic the work done by the hippocampus, thus allowing Alzheimer’s patients to compensate for damage to this area of the brain. Preliminary tests have shown marked memory improvement in adults aged 60to 80. These tests are now being done on Alzheimer patients with the goal of improving their memory function. Read more about this fascinating and important research in the March 3, 2019 edition of The Globe and Mail, at